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The Loss of a Pet

Pet loss is an unfortunate life event and one that is crucial to the owner. It can be a deeply distressing time even for an adult with life experience.
People and pets have an extremely tight attachment bond, and the companion animal becomes a part of their daily routine and social interaction. When that part of life has gone, an owner has to try to become accustomed to a new “Normal” way of life.

Grieving is an inevitable reaction to loss but sadly the grief surrounding pet loss is not always understood. There is no set duration or set way to come to terms with a death of any nature, and pet ownership is a lot more complex than observed. These are not just animals, they are companions, loyal family members, mobility or therapy pets, whose very existence relies solely on the owner. A grieving owner may experience a variety of symptoms, both emotional and physical , including Guilt, Depression, Loneliness, Loss of appetite, loss of sleep, physical pain. These are all perfectly normal but can be quite distressing.

Here at Wildbore Vetstop we understand the pain of losing a beloved family pet and how difficult it can be to come to terms with. Information and emotional support can be offered by our Front of House colleague Lisa Hyde. Lisa has been trained in this field and holds a qualification in Pet Bereavement Counselling. An appointment can be made to see Lisa in person or by phone by contacting our Front of House staff
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