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Inpatient information

What level of care is provided?

Wildbore Vetstop is a veterinary hospital accredited by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS). This means that your pet will receive around the clock care from qualified and registered vets and nurses. We work hard as a team to ensure your pet will be looked after the way we would look after our own pets.

Will you keep me updated?

We always do our best to keep you up to date with your pet’s progress. Once your pet has been admitted we will start treatment and investigate as discussed with you in the consultation. You should receive an update on their progress within a few hours. If your pet stays the night with us, they will be examined by a vet during morning ward round and then you will receive a call before midday to report their progress, including the plan for his or her care that day. Urgent cases will obviously be given priority. Following evening ward round, we aim to update you again before midnight. If you would prefer not to be called after a certain time, do let us know. Please be aware that emergencies may mean that calls are not always possible- rest assured that we will still be taking the best possible care of your pet, and we will update you at the next convenient opportunity.

Wards Rounds are as follows, so you can expect a phone call on/after these times dependent on how many inpatients we have in:

  • 7am to 10am
  • 1pm to 1:30pm
  • 5:30pm to 6:30pm

How much will it cost?

The costs of care depend greatly on the type of treatment required. Please ask your vet for an estimate of expected costs and we will do our best to keep you informed of any additional costs necessary for further treatment as we go along. If you are planning on making a claim through your insurance please let us know at the beginning of treatment so we can ensure this proceeds smoothly. If you have any concerns about affording the treatment we have recommended please discuss this with the vet as soon as possible.

When will my pet come home?

We want your pet to be as well as possible before coming home so it is important to ensure that he/she has recovered sufficiently first. A vet or nurse will arrange a discharge appointment with you to collect your pet where your pet’s progress and ongoing treatment plan can be discussed. We will make sure you understand any medications or therapies required at home following discharge. Please note your pet may have some areas of clipped hair to facilitate placement of intravenous catheters, taking blood samples or diagnostic imaging. Your pet may also have a pink pressure bandage on its leg which can be removed when you get home. It is likely we will also recommend that we re-examine your pet 1 or 2 days after discharge to check your pet’s progress and make sure you are comfortable caring for your pet. We can discuss any concerns you may have too. Please note each re-examination consultation is charged.

Can I visit my pet in hospital?

Yes, you can. As we do get very busy within the hospital, it is important for visiting times to be arranged with your vet or nurse to coincide with procedures, medications and ward rounds. There may be times when visiting your pet is not immediately possible, e.g. pets with infectious disease or post -operative patients. Please see your visitors guide on the following page for details on what to expect when planning your visit.

Inpatient Visits

We are very happy for owners of inpatients to come and visit them but we would ask that you read the following: Please also understand that we have a duty of care to all our inpatients and unforeseen circumstances such as emergencies may lead to changes to visiting times.

❖ Please ask to sign in at reception on arrival

❖ Veterinary practices have many potential hazards. Children should always be supervised and remain the responsibility of the accompanying adult.

❖ Please stay with your animal. We ask that you do not approach other inpatients or put fingers through into the kennel (there is a considerable risk of being bitten or scratched and some animals can guard their kennels, becoming aggressive if they feel threatened)

❖ Case notes on kennel doors are confidential and should not be read (although you may read your own animal’s notes if you wish)

❖ Please do not touch any drips, monitors or other equipment

❖ For infection control reasons, we ask that bringing toys, blankets and beds into the hospital is kept to a minimum if at all. If appropriate following discussion with your vet or nurse, you may wish to bring in your pet’s normal food.

❖ There are no set visiting times but we do encourage visits within normal opening hours to coincide with hospital routines. The time of your visit should be pre-arranged with your vet or nurse.

❖ When you have finished your visit, please remain where you are and wait to alert a member of staff so they can accompany back to reception. Please do not walk around the building unaccompanied.

❖ Please wash your hands prior to leaving and sign out at reception