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Job Opportunities

Part time Cleaner required…

We’re recruiting a new team member to help with maintaining infection control in our Front of House areas, retail area and non-clinical offices. 2hrs 15 minutes from 5.30am-7.45am Monday to Saturday. Full details in the video below. If you are interested in applying for this role, please download an application form below and either return to the practice FAO Carlene or attach via email to

Full time vet needed for small animal hospital practice in North Notts

We are an independent first opinion small animal Hospital based in Worksop, North Notts looking for a full time vet with at least a couple of years’ experience in a UK practice.

First opinion means you get client contact and continuity of cases, while being a Hospital means that inpatient care is a big part of what we do, and that our clients are happy to support thorough work ups. You will spend some of your time seeing boosters and expressing anal glands, but you will also get plenty of opportunity to investigate and treat interesting cases. We work from a single site, so there is plenty of support on offer.

Unsurprisingly Covid has played havoc with our rotas, but we expect to be back on a more normal footing rota-wise by the end of June, despite the adjustments we are making to ensure the ongoing safety of our staff and clients. Our usual rota ensures a good work life balance – rather than doing ‘on call’ around day working, we work a week of nights, with the following week off on a rota basis. This means someone is always on hand to see the emergencies and allow you to go home when your shift finishes. Our full time vets work an average 39 hour week, over 8 or 9 hour shifts, so no 4 day weeks here, but you do get a lunch break, and either an evening or a morning to enjoy most days.

We usually have a team of 13 vets, 9 of whom share the nights and weekend rota (more on this further down), supported by 18 RVNs, along with SVNs, VCAs and front of house staff. We have a range of interests and abilities within the team, from medicine to surgery and diagnostic imaging, and are used to a collaborative approach to cases.

Who are we looking for?

You should be confident with the idea of running a night shift with your RVNs – while we are happy to come in and assist with challenging cases if needed, we are looking for someone who can step into this rota without delay. 

You should be a good communicator, both within the staff team and with clients. We expect you to be capable of a straightforward bitch spay without needing help, but we are happy to teach you more complicated procedures (and know that not all bitch spays are straightforward!).

You should know what Quality Improvement is, and be willing to work with us to improve the welfare of the pets in our care.

About the area…

Worksop was a mining town, but in more recent years is developing as a commuter area, serving Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield and more. We are lucky enough to have Clumber Park on our doorstep – as the National Trust website says, ‘a beautiful expanse of parkland, heath and woods covering more than 3,800 acres’. A great place to walk, run, cycle or just be.

What we are offering

A chance to develop and build on the skills you already have, supported by our team and their wide range of interests. If you’ve already decided on an area you want to focus on, talk to us about how to develop that, including certificates (80% of our vets either hold a certificate or are studying for one). If you just want to broaden your skills then we can also support this – being a good GP is an undervalued skill in itself.

Our purpose built Hospital means we have all the kit and more, from a CT scanner to a separate End-of-Life Suite that allows us time and privacy to ensure those final consultations are treated with the dignity they deserve. We have separate dog, cat and rabbit areas throughout the practice, and have ISFM Gold Cat Friendly Status. Obviously the current situation limits our ability to show you around the practice in person, but we can definitely arrange a virtual tour, and would be more than happy to discuss the role on an informal basis. If you want to chat to one of our existing team we can also put you in touch with them.

We have a vet whose role includes time off the rota mentoring our clinical team, as we strongly believe that support is vital to this profession – and having someone not in an ownership role to talk to allows for non judgemental discussions about cases and concerns. This support is available regardless of your level of experience, and we are happy to offer as much or as little of it as you want.  

Package includes salary from £35K, unlimited CPD allowance, BSAVA, RCVS and VDS membership. There is a bonus scheme for OOH work, which adds up to around £2K per year on top of salary per vet. We offer 5 days sick pay annually, 28 days holiday including bank holidays (plus down weeks from nights), and a pension scheme. We also offer a 4 week paid sabbatical after every 3 years continuous employment, to be used as you see fit.

Work culture and work-life balance, including OOH cover

We run 20 minute consults as standard – this gives the time to explain your treatment plans properly, increasing compliance and therefore job satisfaction. If you don’t enjoy chatting to people about their pets, we are the wrong place for you. We run our theatres on a similar basis, with time allocated for each procedure, and proper consideration given to the individual patients’ needs, from premedicating patients with the owner if that helps reduce stress, to ensuring the right level of analgesia for the procedure concerned (including local blocks, and truly multi-modal analgesia).

We look after each other, and share the work equally. Clients (human and animal) are at the heart of what we do, and we encourage a relationship built on mutual trust and respect. This extends into our team too, as we all need each other to function at our best. 

We believe that time off should be just that, time away from the job to rest and recharge. Our usual OOH rota involves 9 of our full time vets, but for various Covid-19 related reasons there are currently only 8 vets in this rota – we hope this will return to normal soon, but would rather be honest about where we stand currently. This means that weekends (Saturday and Sunday days) are currently 1 in 4, with a days off in lieu around the weekend.  The nights rota is currently 1 in 8, Monday to Monday, 8pm-8am, followed by a full week off. You will have two RVNs working with you for most of the night. The week off after nights allows for an extra 5 weeks off each year on top of holiday, which gives time to pursue outside interests or further study. 

Contact details

If you’ve got this far, I’m hoping we’ve sparked an interest, so have a look at our facebook page, too, then either send me a PM, or email me at if you want to chat about the role.

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