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End of Life Care


All the staff here at Wildbore VetStop are pet lovers and know only too well the deep sadness associated with the death of a loved pet. The grief can often be equal to the loss of a close and cherished family member. We know that nothing can be said to fully ease the pain of such a loss, and we promise to take particular care of you and your pet when this time comes.

In the event of a pet passing away, we are able to arrange cremation through a local reputable pet crematorium. Ashes can be returned if so wished in either an engraved wooden casket or a scatter container.


Here at Wildbore Vetstop we understand the pain of losing a beloved family pet and how difficult it can be to come to terms with. Information and emotional support can be offered by our Front of House colleague Lisa Hyde. Lisa has been trained in this field and holds a qualification in Pet Bereavement Counselling. An appointment can be made to see Lisa in person or by phone by contacting our Front of House staff
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If you would like a home visit on such occasions, we will do our very best to accommodate your wishes.