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Health Checks & Clinics

Our team of Veterinary Nurses are available 7 days a week to provide a variety of consultations to all our clients;

Puppies/Kittens and Baby Bunnies

At Wildbore VetStop we recognise the importance of getting things right from the moment your new pet arrives home. Our dedicated nurses are on hand to provide you with all the information and advice you need to give your new ‘fur baby’ the best start. Our bespoke Puppy Protect, Kitten Care and Bunny Benefit packs include a 30 minute appointment with a nurse to discuss everything you need to know including; nutrition, training, socialisation, flea/worm control, neutering, micro-chipping and pet insurance.

Weight Clinics

Our experienced nurses offer FREE weight clinics for all pets registered with us who have been seen recently by one of our vets and recommended a weight loss programme. The nurse will regularly weigh and body score your pet as well as offering dietary advice, handy hints and tailoring a weight loss programme including an exercise regime to suit your pet’s individual requirements. There are many health benefits to keeping your pets in shape and many clients comment on the ‘new lease of life’ their pet has developed after reaching their ideal weight.


Claw Clip

Our nurses can perform routine claw clipping at a cost of £13.20 (FREE for our Healthy Pet Club Members)

Anal Glands

Routine emptying of Anal Glands costing £15.84, Can be carried out by a nurse after the pet has been seen by a vet with anal gland issues (FREE for our Healthy Pet Club members)


Our nurses are fully trained to implant microchips. We use a high-quality ‘anti-migration’ ISO chip which is recognised all over Europe. The price starts at £13.00.

Tick Removal

if your pet has an unwanted visitor our highly skilled nurses are on hand to safely remove these nasty parasites and discuss your pets’ parasite control. Currently costing £18.30 (including a tick removal kit for you to take home). Removal of ticks can be tricky and never attempt to remove them yourself unless you have been shown how to use the correct tick hook.

Repeat injections

if your pet has been prescribed a repeat course of injections by one of our vets, our nurses can administer these from £8.20 per injection.