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Socialisation Appointments

Here at Wildbore VetStop we work hard to minimise the stress and fear that some animals feel when visiting the vets and offer a range of services.

Level 1 : Getting to know you – Front of house led informal drop in visits to reception, waiting area and shop. This is free of charge.

Level 2 : Socialisation sessions – Veterinary nurse led structured programme.

If your dog has a fear of the vets, one of our ‘behaviour qualifed’ nurses are happy to talk you through de-sensitising your pet using regular ‘social’ visits where we can make this a positive experience for your dog.

The aim of such visits is to;

  • Reduce fear, stress or anxiety of your pet coming to see us by making regular positive visits to our hospital so the place and people are not always associated with negatives like pain, illness and procedures.
  • To make it easier and safer for you, your dog and the vet when they are examined and treated in times of need.
  • To establish a good relationship between vets and nurses and you and your pet.

Our socialisation classes are suitable for;

  • Puppies and young dogs
  • Dogs that have suddenly become fearful of the vets following a procedure or other reason
  • Dogs that have been checked by a vet first to ensure there are no underlying medical conditions causing the sudden change in behaviour

Our socialisation classes are NOT suitable for;

  • Dogs with an issue with certain situations at home as well as in the veterinary environment, such as ears being cleaned, feet being touched, eyes bathed or ANY KIND of fear aggression, we recommend a behaviour referral.
  • If the vet believes your dog requires a referral to a behaviour specialist.

We will tailor the socialisation visits to each individual pet and for £25 your pet will have as many appointments as the nurse advises within a 3 month period.