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Pet supplies, food, accessories & more

Our shop has gone digital! Check out our shop here to take a look at our range of pet must haves.

To order your pets favourite food please give us a call at the practice on 01909 472 059 and we’ll order it for you.

On our online pet shop, you will find a large selection of pet supplies, accessories, diets, treats, and toys for your ‘fur-baby’. Give your pet the very best and help them to be happy and healthy.


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  • DOGS – For dogs, we stock a large selection of collars, leads, beds, toys, treats, feeding accessories, and food.
  • CATS – To give your cat the life of luxury, come and take a look at our cat towers, luxurious beds, toys, treats, litter trays, feeding bowls, and food.
  • SMALL FURRIES – For your small furry friends we stock plenty of products. From rabbits and hamsters to chinchillas and gerbils, we have a good selection for them.
  • WILDLIFE – If you want to entice wildlife to your own back door, look no further. We have the right products to encourage beautiful British wildlife to come to you.


Our friendly staff are trained to give advice on any of our products and are always happy to help. We are confident you will find the pet supplies you need right here at Wildbore Vetstop.