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In-house veterinary laboratory

Fast diagnosis of pet health conditions and diseases is extremely important so that early treatment can commence and we can get your pet on the road to recovery. Our state-of-the-art in-house laboratory enables us to test a variety of pet samples on-site, here at our Turner Road veterinary hospital.


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Wildbore Vetstop’s in-house laboratory facilities include biochemistry and haematology machines, which are used for testing blood and other tissue samples to measure levels of enzymes and other substances in a pet’s body for an accurate diagnosis.

Laboratory facilities are an excellent aid to the experienced vets at our veterinary hospital in Worksop, enabling them to diagnose pet health conditions that might not otherwise be easy to identify, without necessarily needing to use invasive methods. Results are available the same day, straight away in some cases, which can be vital in emergency situations. Learn more about our emergency pet care service.


Specialist laboratory testing services

When a case requires more specialised tests, we have trusted external laboratory services that we send samples to for testing, on a secure overnight courier. Find out more.

This means we can get the results back to you as quickly as possible. Our vets will then contact you about the results so that the appropriate treatments can start as soon as possible.


Free advice from our expert veterinary team

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