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COVID-19: Coronavirus FAQs for Wildbore Vetstop

With the Covid-19 pandemic still ongoing, our team want to become your reliable reference point for all matters relating to the health of your pets.

To help us achieve this, we’ve created this list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you access all our latest animal welfare information. If you need to contact us, please call the practice on 01909 472059.


What about social distancing at the practice?

If you do have to visit the practice for any reason, to help with social distancing we have a number of different options now available to minimise human contact whilst ensuring your pet doesn’t miss out on vital pet care:

  1. We can offer telephone consultations for many health issues, follow-up checks, and routine care for those that are self-isolating.
  2. Socially distanced waiting area where clients can wait in separate pods at a safe distance from others.
  3. Alternatively, you can still wait for your appointment outside the practice and we can collect your pet from you.
  4. Medications can be ordered and paid for over the phone and contact can be kept to a minimum when collecting.
  5. Talk to us on 01909 472059 about what’s best for your pet at this time.


What should I do if I have a pet emergency?

Please visit the Emergency Pet Care page of our website and follow the instructions.


Can I still access repeat prescriptions?

Yes, please call us on 01909 472059 (option 2) to order your medication. Please be aware that due to the current situation deliveries are not as regular as usual, so we are asking for at least 72 hours’ notice for repeat prescriptions. We are offering the option to either arrange collection from the practice or post medication out using recorded delivery at a cost of £6.59. Please mention on your message whether you would prefer collection or delivery.


How do I access general preventative healthcare like vaccinations, flea & worm treatment?

Flea and worming treatments are still available as above. Vaccinations appointments may be disrupted by manufacturer supply. Our team will advise you if this will effect you and your pet. Please contact us on 01909 472059 and we’ll tell you how to access what you need.


Will my pet be ok without booster vaccinations?

Dogs: For three months after their booster was due (up to fifteen months since their last vaccine) they should still be protected. Leptospirosis, although still a very good vaccine, is the least reliable of the vaccines to give this length of protection so we would advise keeping your dog away from still or stagnant water such as canals or flooded areas, and away from stable or farmyard environments.

Cats: The rules on our vaccines have changed in recent months and we now know that our vaccines offer protection against cat flu and enteritis that lasts for three years. Therefore, if your cat had a vaccination last year they do not need this part of the vaccine for another three years. We also vaccinate against feline leukaemia and although this does still require an annual vaccination, it is the least common of the diseases we vaccinate against and your cat will be protected for three months beyond the due date of their vaccine; it is worth being aware that cats need to have contact with other cats to get leukaemia and so if at all practical you could try to reduce their risk by limiting their outside time.

Rabbits: The peak time for rabbits getting myxomatosis is the summer months and usually not until August time.  Therefore we hope that delaying this vaccination will not have a huge impact at this time. To protect your rabbit as much as possible from both myxomatosis and RHD if their vaccination does lapse, we recommend shielding them from biting insects as much as possible, this could involve using mosquito nets or similar, and reducing your rabbit’s exposure to unknown rabbits, including any wild rabbits that may get into your garden. The rabbit welfare association website has some really good practical advice about protecting your rabbit at this time. Also worth noting is that if your rabbit is not at high risk of contact with other rabbits such as being in boarding kennels, the VHD-2 vaccination is ok to be given yearly rather than every 6 months.

Can my pet go without flea and worm treatment?

Ideally, they wouldn’t, and to try and make sure your pet continues to get the preventative treatment they require whilst we are on reduced services we are happy to post these out to you. We do need to have your pet registered with us and there will be a £5.77 postage and packing fee unless you are on our VIP scheme.


I’ve submitted a claim form to you and am awaiting payment from my insurance company. I need my money asap, what do I do or what are you going to do about it?

We can assure you that we are continuing to process insurance claim forms we receive as normal during this time. We are aware that some of the insurance companies are taking longer to process claims than normal due to reduced staffing levels and home working, but unfortunately, this is beyond our control. Should we hear anything about your particular claim we will let you know as soon as possible.


Our Coronavirus guidelines & advice

We have put together some information to help pet owners through the Coronavirus pandemic: