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Wildbore Vetstop Terms & Conditions

At Wildbore Vetstop we endeavour to inspire future generations of veterinary professionals and pet owners to continue to improve the lives of animals.

We are delighted that you have chosen Wildbore Vetstop to provide veterinary care and treatment for your pet. We aim to make visits to the vet as pleasant and stress-free for both pets and owners. The following document details our terms and conditions. Staff will be happy to help if you require clarification of our terms of business.

Our requests to our clients. 

  • Our staff have the right to care for animals without the fear of verbal or physical abuse. Therefore Wildbore Vetstop is committed to a zero tolerance policy. Our staff will be polite, friendly and respectful and in return we would ask that clients refrain from;
    • Swearing or use of bad language within the practice.
    • Physical violence such as pushing/shoving/hitting or kicking.
    • Placing persistent or unrealistic demands on staff that may cause stress.
    • Damage to/stealing from practice property or premises.
  • Treatment for pets is most successful where there is a trusting and respectful vet-client relationship. In the rare situations where trust has broken down we may inform clients that veterinary services will no longer be provided for their pets. In this case we will inform the clients by writing and provide emergency treatment only for a further 10 days while clients find alternative veterinary care for their pets.

Our commitments to our clients.

  • Our team members will endeavour to help with any reasonable request. We will be polite, respectful and friendly to our clients.
  • Minimising stress to our patients is our focus. We will aim to provide a stress-free and pleasant visit.
  • Vets will fully explain any diagnosis, treatment recommendations both medical and surgical and provide a detailed estimate of recommended treatment at the clients’ request.

Registered clients

  • All clients must be registered prior to veterinary treatment for any pet. Clients are required to provide one form of identification which shows their address. This may be a driving license, passport or recent utility bill.
  • In emergency situations, registration may be delayed until the patient is stable.
  • Registration of pets at the weekend will be charged. We are open on Saturday for the benefit of our own clients only.

Veterinary Fees. 

  • Our price list for consultations and routine procedures is available upon request, on our website and is on display in reception. All prices are inclusive of VAT.
  • New pets are entitled to one free ‘registration consultation’ with a veterinary surgeon for a health check prior to the purchase of prescription flea and worm treatments. Please note this consultation is intended as a well pet check. If your pet requires medical treatment during this consultation, normal consult charges will apply. This consultation allows us to prescribe prescription worm and flea treatments for that pet for the following 12 months. If the pet is not seen again within that 12 months, it will require another examination before prescribing further treatment, to ensure it is still in good health. If this is not performed at a vaccination consult then this is a chargeable consult at full price.
  • For all recommended medical or surgical procedures, veterinary surgeons will produce an estimate of costs. Estimates of fees are based on treatment considered appropriate during consultations. Estimates may change if other medicines, surgery or procedures are found to be required. Veterinary surgeons will endeavour to inform clients of expected costs where estimates are likely to be exceeded. Estimates are valid for 28 days.
  • Please be aware that payment is due following consultation and prior to picking up prescription medications. Following medical or surgical procedures or hospital stays, payment is required upon collection of your pet. A deposit will be requested if your pet is admitted to our hospital other than for a routine procedure.
  • If an account is not settled, a member of staff will contact you by telephone within 48 hours to request payment of an outstanding balance. A reminder will be issued one week later if the account is not settled. After due notice, unpaid accounts may be referred to a debt collection agency or to small claims court. Please be aware any fees incurred through collection of debt e.g. court fees, debt collection agency fees will be levied on top of any outstanding balance.
  • Any debit/credit card transaction that is not honoured or any cash that is found to be counterfeit will result in the outstanding balance being restored. Administration fees incurred as a result of such a transaction will be added to the outstanding balance.
  • Methods of payment; The practice accepts debit/credit cards or cash. We do not accept cheques.

Inability to pay veterinary fees.

  • If you are unable to pay for veterinary treatment we ask that you inform staff as soon as possible and before any treatment is provided.
  • This practice may choose to offer a loan through a third party subject to conditions, which may include a credit check.
  • The practice does not authorise or provide ‘payment plans’ or payment via instalments.
  • Any deviation from practice terms and conditions with respect of inability to pay veterinary fees will be at the discretion of the directors of the practice.
  • Emergency treatment to alleviate suffering will always be provided irrespective of ability to pay at the time. (Examples of emergency treatment include provision of pain relief, basic first aid and where appropriate, euthanasia).

Client records and information

  • Please note it is your responsibility to provide the practice with accurate contact details.
  • All client contact details will be kept securely and will not be shared without expressed consent from the registered client on the animal’s account in accordance with General Data Protection regulation guidelines (GDPR).
  • You may view your pet’s medical records on request.
  • The practice will retain ownership of radiographs, ultrasound images and C.T. scan reports as part of your pet’s complete medical records. We can arrange for electronic copies of these to be provided upon request for which there may be a charge incurred.
  • Where necessary, clinical notes, laboratory results and where appropriate diagnostic images such as radiographs can be transferred to another veterinary practice upon expressed consent of the registered client.

Telephone calls and E-mails. 

  • For training and monitoring purposes telephone calls to the practice may be recorded. E-mails to the practice may also be subject to monitoring. By using such communication methods, you are consenting to recording and monitoring of the same.

Veterinary medicines. 

  • Wherever possible veterinary surgeons will select a medication that is licensed for use in the correct species and for the intended purpose. We are legally obliged to follow the ‘prescribing cascade’ which states that when an effective licensed product is not available vets will;
  • -Select an alternative medicine that is used in another species for the same condition
  • -Then a medicine used for a different condition in the same species
  • -And finally a medication that is licensed for human use.
  • Please be aware veterinary surgeons may choose to use a non-licensed product even when a licensed product exists for that species where factors such as side effects, patient tolerance and drug interactions are taken into account.
  • There are many human medicines that are extremely useful in the treatment of our domestic pets. Many of these medicines have been in general use in veterinary practice for many years. There are documented dose rates and their use has been extensively studied by experts in the veterinary industry.
  • Our off license use of medication is based on our knowledge of the use in animals and an assessment of the risks and benefits involved. These medicines will only be used when they are indicated and deemed necessary, and no licensed alternative exists.

Veterinary prescriptions

  • This practice stocks and supplies veterinary prescription only medications (POM-Vs) to registered clients only. All medications are stored in accordance with manufacturers instructions.
  • Written prescriptions are available upon request for which there is a charge. Please ask a member of staff for the current prescription fee. Please give 48 hours’ notice for a written prescription. There may be situations where supply of a written prescription is not recommended e.g. for a hospitalised patient or an animal requiring immediate treatment. Veterinary surgeons can only produce prescriptions for animals under their care.

Repeat prescriptions 

  • Our practice policy is that animals on repeat prescriptions must be examined every 6 months as a minimum. This allows the vet to assess effectiveness of treatment, adjust dosage and provide appropriate monitoring for specific medications.
  • There may be circumstances where the vet will recommend pets are seen more frequently for repeat prescription checks e.g. diabetic patients or patients with heart disease.
  •  Repeat medication checks are charged a re-examination consult fee. Current prices are displayed on reception.

Out of hours consultations and home visits

  • Wildbore Vetstop is an RCVS accredited hospital. This means we have qualified and registered veterinary staff on the premises 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Consultations outside of routine opening hours are significantly more expensive and this reflects our costs to keep staff working round the clock. Please see price list for up to date costs for out of hours consultations.
  • Payment of out of hours consultation is required at the time of consultation.
  • Where travel to the practice is not possible, home visits can be arranged providing prior notice is given. Please be aware that is generally recommended that your pet is brought to the practice where we have access to all of our equipment, medications and support staff.
  • There is a charge for home visit consultations over and above routine consultation and out of hours charges.

Pet insurance claims  

  • Wildbore Vetstop recommends pets are insured for veterinary treatment. Please be aware it is your responsibility to choose an appropriate level of cover for your needs. Veterinary surgeons and qualified veterinary nurses may provide advice regarding types of policy. Veterinary staff are not permitted to recommend a particular pet insurance company.
  • We appreciate that insurance is there to help you out with those unexpected bills and as a result we are prepared to consider direct claims with your insurance company when our criteria are met.
  • Please ask a member of staff for our direct insurance claims policy.

Healthcare reminders

  • Wildbore Vetstop will contact you either by letter, email or SMS in order to advise you of your pets upcoming healthcare requirements including annual vaccination. Please be aware this is a complimentary service and Wildbore Vetstop does not take any responsibility for loss, damages or costs which may result from a client failing to receive a reminder.
  • The responsibility to keep your pets vaccinations and health care requirements up to date remains with you. 
  • ·         We currently do not provide reminders for pets requiring rabies vaccinations for the PETS travel scheme

Complaints procedure

We hope that you should never wish to make a complaint about the standard of care you have received at Wildbore Vetstop. However, should you wish to raise a concern, in the first instance please put your complaint in writing and either email to or via post to the address below.

Wildbore Vetstop,

Turner Road


S81 7AE