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  • Digital x-ray

Digital x-ray facilities for pets in Worksop

At Wildbore Vetstop we use digital x-rays as a non-invasive way to see what’s going on inside your pet, to help our vets diagnose internal injuries and health conditions.

A digital x-ray machine creates instant visuals of an animal’s internal tissues, bones, and organs and can be crucial to gaining the correct diagnosis and treatment plan. X-rays are performed under light sedation, or general anaesthetic when appropriate, so that our vets can get a good quality digital image from a completely still patient. Our team will talk you through this during your consultation.

Digital x-rays make for easier referrals

One of the main advantages of using digital x-rays rather than the traditional kind is the ability to share x-ray data with specialists by email. This means our vets can refer the x-rays, without necessarily referring your pet, which can result in a quicker diagnosis of some ailments that require a specialist opinion.

A full suite of diagnostic equipment

As well as our digital x-ray machine, the team at our Worksop veterinary hospital has access to a full suite of diagnostic equipment on-site including an ultrasound, a CT scanner, dental x-ray and laboratory facilities, ensuring a swift and accurate diagnosis and speedy commencement of treatment for your pet.

Be prepared for unexpected treatment costs

Digital x-rays and other diagnostic tools enable our vets to diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses quickly, which can be crucial to the speedy recovery of your pet. This is why we strongly recommend taking out Pet Insurance to help you cover the cost of unexpected veterinary treatment (always read your pet insurance policy terms & conditions).

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