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  • Preventative healthcare

Preventative healthcare for pets in Worksop

At Wildbore Vetstop in Worksop, we strongly believe that prevention is better than cure, and in the importance of protecting your pet against some extremely harmful and even life-threatening, yet preventable diseases and parasite problems.

The preventative healthcare services we can offer your pets include:

  • Vaccinations and annual boosters
  • Flea, worm & tick protection
  • Health check-ups
  • Neutering
  • Dental check-ups & home care advice
  • Anal gland expression as a preventative measure (some dogs require this)
  • Microchipping
  • Nail clips

Take a look at our Pet Health for Life plan, which includes year-round preventative healthcare treatments and lots of other great benefits and savings!

Why vaccinate your pets

The introduction of widespread vaccination has dramatically reduced illness from infectious diseases in our pets, however, regular vaccinations are a must and should be continued throughout your pet’s life if these diseases are to be kept at bay.

We do see cases of infectious diseases in pets despite effective vaccinations being available. We strongly recommend all pet owners to vaccinate their pets for life.

We are offering vaccination appointments and have been throughout the pandemic so we can help to keep your pets protected. Vaccinations are running as a standalone service in a separate area of the hospital.

Cat Vaccinations

Cats are vaccinated against cat flu viruses and feline panleukopenia virus. We strongly advise that cats who regularly meet with other cats are vaccinated against the feline leukaemia virus in addition to their normal vaccinations. This virus is remarkable because it can cause many different illnesses including cancer. It’s a common killer of cats and vaccination is the only way of preventing serious illness because no treatment is available.

Our special First Steps Kitten Pack includes the Feline Leukaemia vaccine, please contact us for further information.

Dog Vaccinations

Dogs are routinely vaccinated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus, and Parainfluenza. We also offer additional vaccines against Kennel Cough and Rabies. Though kennel cough is not life-threatening it can be very unpleasant and is very common and highly contagious. It can be picked up wherever your dog comes into contact with infected dogs, even at the park, and should be considered as part of your dog’s routine vaccination plan. The rabies vaccine is required if you are taking your pet abroad.

Our First Steps Puppy Pack includes a full course of routine vaccinations including a ‘parvo top-up’ vaccine at 16 weeks of age. Please contact us for further information.

Rabbit Vaccinations

We now offer a new combined rabbit vaccination that makes it even easier to protect your rabbit from disease all year round.

Annual vaccination health checks

If your pet is having a vaccination at our surgery, the appointment will include a thorough clinical examination by one of our friendly vets. Pets cannot tell their owners when they are suffering, so it’s invaluable to get your pet checked at least once a year in order to detect any early signs of disease, and improve your pet’s wellbeing sooner rather than later. Yearly booster vaccinations offer the perfect opportunity for your pet to receive a full annual health check. If you are a member of our exclusive ‘Pet Health for Life’ plan your pet will receive two health checks per year. Learn more about our Pet Health for Life plan.

Pet Neutering

Neutering your pet has many benefits, the most obvious one being preventing unwanted pregnancies, which helps to reduce the number of unwanted pets as strays and in rescue centres.

Neutering dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small pets also has other benefits:

  • Neutering reduces the risk of certain diseases and health conditions – in female pets, mammary (breast) cancer and womb infections (pyometra); in males, prostate disease and hernias.
  • Neutering can stop some undesirable behaviours such as indoor marking and urinating, wandering off to search for a mate, and sexual aggression.
  • Neutering can also make some pets easier to live with. Female pets can go through phantom pregnancies and can become withdrawn or hostile towards other pets during their seasons. Likewise, when a female pet is in season, any nearby males can become extremely agitated and unruly.

At Wildbore Vetstop in Worksop, our expert team is on hand to advise you about the best age to neuter your pet.

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